Types of Cars Used by The Kenny Wallace Dirt Racing Experience

Kenny Wallace Dirt Racing Experience L-Mod car



L-MOD’s – The brain child of Ray Evernham, these great little racecars are our easiest cars to drive.  They are fun to drive, easy to control in a slide and surprisingly FAST!  Powered by the potent Yamaha FJ1200 engines, the little cars turn huge RPM’s with an internal rev chip not kicking in until 10,800 RPM!!  Get it in the right gear, get the throttle down and you’ll get a great start to dirt racing.  Many of our first timers are choosing to start in the LMOD’s our most economical way to get on the racetrack, they are great whether you’re doing all your laps in one or getting your feet wet to get into one of the hot rods below!

Kenny Wallace Dirt Racing Experience Sprint Car



Sprint Cars – As the official driving experience of World of Outlaws, our hearts are in Late Models, but our souls are in the Sprint Cars.  Many consider the Sprint Car to be the fastest car in the world, and after driving one you will too!  The corner speed and raw acceleration of the car as it leans on that huge right rear tire coming out of the corner will leave you in awe.  KWDRE uses J & J as well as Maxim chassis with the horses coming from the powerful easy to drive Chevy small block.  These cars make about 375hp, with the cars weighing in at around 1200 lbs the power to weight ratio is amazing! The direct drive powertrain is the perfect combination of performance and drivability to provide an amazing experience for novice drivers. 

*All 2021 and future dates there is a $50 Upgrade charge to drive a sprint car.

Kenny Wallace Dirt Racing Experience Late Model


Late Models- You’ll find Rocket and Master built chassis in our stable of Late Models.  There’s nothing comparable to throwing a dirt Late Model down into the corner and coming back to the throttle as that left front tire starts lifting off the ground.  Get behind the wheel of a Late Model with over 400 horses under your right foot and you’ll remember this day forever!  We set our cars up so they are neutral and easy for someone with no experience to drive well, you’ll appreciate the grip those huge Late Model tires give you, and you’ll leave understanding just how talented the Dirt Late Model stars are!!

Kenny Wallace Dirt Racing Experience Big Block Modified


Big Block Style Modifieds – The Beasts of the East!!  There’s something special about the center steer big block style modified, fans of these are passionate for good reason.  You’ll often see the racing go three wide lap after lap in their races.  If you drive one of these, you’ll understand just how that happens!  For such a big, intimidating racecar they are surprisingly easy to drive.  We run the predictable power band of the small block Chevy Crate motor in these cars and you’ll quickly understand why these motors have become so popular in short track racing.  Give the Big Block a try and you’ll be hooked.

Kenny Wallace Dirt Racing Experience UMP Modified


IMCA- UMP style Modifieds – If you’re looking for the car to move around a little more, and really feel the racetrack then this is the car for you.  The IMCA style mod is the most popular racecar in the world, they are an entry level dirt car and make it easy for a driver with little to no experience to go dirt racing.  We once again power ours with Chevy crates, which makes the power band easy and predictable.  Drive the car that Kenny races and you’ll understand just how good these guys are!